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My name is Joe Balzamo; I’m President of Alliance Property Management LLC Morristown, NJ.  This is our 17th year in property management serving New Jersey homeowners, so we know dealing  with our company will be a rewarding experience. We manage many different types of properties. We have some properties with as few as 5 units, to those with hundreds of units including: Condominium Associations, Mid Rise Condominiums, Luxury Mid Rise, High Rise Townhouse Associations, Townhome Communities, Townhouse Communities, Homeowners Associations, HOA, Cooperatives, and Master-Planned Communities and retail space. We are uniquely different in that we eliminate the common problems board members and building owners typically face in trying to hire, evaluate and work with a property management company. We know how to efficiently manage while eliminating frustrating delays as we create a single point of contact for you.

The 4 Biggest Complaints with Property Management Companies and
how Alliance Property Management overcomes them ALL

After years of effective experience, we know the reasons why we are consistently chosen by board members and building owners to manage their properties:

1. Hand’s On – As such we provide solutions that allow you to make sound business decisions. We ensure continuous cost-reduction recommendations without compromising your investment. We maintain and upgrade the quality of services continuously and ongoing.  The recommendations to our clients and committees ensure money management leading to financial security.

2. Communication – The second most common complaint about other property management companies is “I can’t get my question answered quickly”. When you call our company during normal business hours – you speak to a live person who can immediately assist you and act upon your request.

3. Vendor Management – Many of our competitors bill you for many services that make them more profits. However, we provide you with a flat monthly fee that addresses a significant amount of costs. We seek multiple bids from reputable vendors that we have established relationships with and vendors you have come to rely on.  We also have established evaluation standards for all service providers so you get quality service at a competitive rate.  We also established evaluation standards for all service providers so you get quality service at a competitive rate.

4. Not Just Financial Reports – Unlike other management companies, we work with you, our client, one-on-one, to tailor your financial information to meet your needs. We strive to provide financial documents that are easy to read and relevant to your unique property.

We encourage you to take a look at our website and then call us to set up an introductory meeting..

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review our capabilities.

We are unlike other property management companies in our ability to customize your property needs. Let us create the results you demand, providing a personal touch while maintaining high standards and quality service. From 17 years of experience, we know what is necessary to help you prevent pitfalls and continue in the right direction.

Thank you, we look forward to addressing your inquiries and questions regarding your needs.



Joseph J. Balzamo, President


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